Risky Business: Harnessing culture to combat corporate crime

As part of the UQ Trust, Ethics and Governance Alliance (TEGA) webinar series, and in collaboration with the Bribery Prevention Network (BPN), we welcome you to join speakers from industry, academia, government, and civil society as they debate the challenges and opportunities of bribery prevention in Australia and discuss the role of organisational culture in preventing crime and promoting responsible business conduct.

To find out more: https://business.uq.edu.au/research/research-hubs/trust-ethics-and-governance-alliance

00:00 Trust Ethics and Governance Alliance Webinar - Risky Business: Harnessing culture to combat corporate crime
03:01 Bribery Prevention Network - LinkedIn
04:06 Trust Ethics and Governance Alliance - LinkedIn
05:21 Webinar speakers, Sarah Kelly, Andrew Walter, Liang Tang, Gemma Aiolfi, Dr Radha Ivory
07:10 What are adequate procedures and the relationship to corporate culture?
08:12 Andrew Walter - The way Government looks at regulating corporate behaviour has shifted in the last decade
10:54 Andrew Walter - Preventing bribery and corruption
17:20 Liang Tang - Risky Business: Harnessing culture to combat corporate crime
17:47 Liang Tang - Gold Industry Developments - Responsible Gold Mining Principles
21:02 Liang Tang - OGC approach to ethics and compliance
21:57 Liang Tang - OGC responsible supply chain plan
23:35 Liang Tang - OGC Business integrity
28:59 Gemma Aiolfi - what is an SME?
30:44 Gemma Aiolfi - What drives companies to implement a compliance program
35:00 Gemma Aiolfi - Key elements for anti corruption compliance program , developing guidance, training and communicating, fixing failures.
41:00 Gemma Aiolfi - You must have the buy in from the board otherwise you'll never set any standards. Code of conduct.
47:53 Dr Radha Ivory - Corporate culture rules - an academic perspective
52:57 Dr Radha Ivory - Good people do bad things because of the environment they find themselves in
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