Riky Rick Makhado's Last moments before his death | try not to cry

Shock as Riky Rick
Award-winning hip-hop artist dies. whose real name is #RikhadoMuziwendlovuMakhado, died on Wednesday morning.
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Several sources, who spoke to FMI news, alleged that the muso hung himself with a rope after suffering from severe depression.

A source close to the situation alleged that the talented artist was found by his management team at his house at about 8.30am on Wednesday. They rushed him to the nearby hospital as he was still alive.

“Unfortunately he died when they were en route to the hospital,” said the source who did not want to be named.

Riky Rick, was 34, is the second celebrity to have died by suicide this year. Veteran actor Patrick Shai was found dead in the garage of his home in January.

Riky was the founder and owner of record label Cotton Club Records. He was well-known for fashion and setting trends.

He managed to establish himself as one of the most popular figures in South Africa’s entertainment scene, and has had so much presence in different places.

Riky Rick is known by several other names including #BossZonke, #MasterMakhado, Minister of Energy, and #KingKotini.

Ricky who was married to Bianca Naidoo, has an interesting background. He was raised mainly by his maternal grandmother because he did not get the chance to grow up with his parents who divorced when he was a baby.

After that, his dad relocated to Johannesburg, and his mother, in pursuance of academia, studied locally and in the UK to qualify to become an advocate.

His untimely death comes just days after he announced a partnership deal with African Bank. The following message was the rapper’s last tweet.
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