Retired Cop Thumps Postal Worker Doesnt Get Arrested

@Cop Watch obtained body camera footage of an incident that happened in Las Vegas, New Mexico that involved a retired cop and a United States Postal mailman.

Retired Las Vegas Police officer Robert Gutierrez told police he got physical with a postal worker and officers told Gutierrez they didn’t think him punching a federal employee would be an issue.

There was obvious signs of damage to the mailman. The fight started over a 3 week period of Gutierrez and the mailman disagreeing on politics.

Las Vegas Police did not arrest Gutierrez, but the United States Postal service filed federal charges against him for assaulting one of their employees. He was released pending trial on the condition that he gets a mental health assessment and seeks treatment.

00:00 Start
00:09 Gutierrez explains his side
02:15 Police talk to mailman
06:15 Gutierrez explains he is retired officer
14:25 Gutierrez worried about jail
16:31 Officer says they don't take retired cops to jail but could be federal felony
25:00 Explaining what lead up to fight
32:00 He got knocked out
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