Retire off your crypto! | iTrustCapital IRA Review

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Today I’m talking about iTrustCapital. It’s not the only company offering crypto IRAs, but what I like about it is super low, transparent fees; an easy-to-use dashboard; and a growing number of assets to invest in. If you’re going to go the crypto IRA route, I think iTrust Capital is your best bet. Self-directed IRAs are a way to get non-traditional assets like crypto into an IRA where they can be sheltered from taxes. Self-directed IRAs are an interesting idea, but they can be complicated to set up and manage, whether they are Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, or SEP IRAs. ▼▼

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00:00 - Intro - What am I talking about?
01:05 - Spoiler Alert - Should you use iTrustCapital?
02:08 - Overview of iTrustCapital
03:42 - Features of iTrustCapital
04:47 - How do you fund your crypto retirement account?
06:25 - What assets & cryptocurrencies can you buy?
07:02 - What are the fees to use iTrustCapital?
07:36 - iTrustCaptial Security
07:43 - The downsides of iTrust
08:30 - Conclusion - Should you use iTrustCapital?

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