Resume Writing Masterclass with CV Templates Included - learn Career Development

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Resume Writing Masterclass with CV Templates Included - learn Career Development
Best Career Development Course
A complete step-by-step guide to writing a compelling and well-structured resume. There are 2 resume templates inside.
Get 2 Professional Resume Templates,Write a Resume That Will Impress in 7 Seconds,Land More Job Interviews,Build a Well Structured CV,Learn About the Importance of Structure and Flow
Basic Knowledge of Formatting a Text Document,Motivation to Write an Impressive Resume,Recruiters spend around 7 seconds screening a resume and in this course you will learn how to impress any recruiter or hiring manager in that time.,On top of all the tips & tricks that will get you more job interviews, you will learn more about resume personalization, updating your Linkedin Profile, taking professional photos for a resume at home, what is job hopping and much more.,Looking it from both a recruiter and a hiring manager standpoint, the course key focus points are:,- Create a clearly structured resume from scratch or update your current one,- Help recruiters to find what's more important in under 7 seconds,- Emphasize your experience and skills mostly related to a position,- Get more job interviews,- Personalize your resume so that tells a story about you that recruiters can relate to,- Make a recruiter like you even before he/she meets you,In the past several years I have landed a number of jobs even without having the necessary experience and my resume has helped me a lot to do this. I have worked both as a recruitment manager and as a hiring manager and I am sharing all my secrets with you and also my winning resume template.,As always, you get 30-day money back guarantee which practically means you can prepare your resume using this course and then return it, if you are not satisfied with the results. It's absolutelly risk free!,In addition, I will be next to you all along the way to guide you and help you write the best version of your resume that you and your future employer will fall in love with.,,See you in class!,Zlatin,,Job SeekersCollege GraduatesExperienced Professionals,Job Seekers,College Graduates,Experienced Professionals
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