Resume Writing 101 with Amanda Guarniere

Resumes are definitely important. We all stress over what to include, what to leave out, format... and on and on. Ultimately I think it's just the stepping stone to get you in the door, but that's a big threshold in a competitive market.

If I were in the market I would definitely heed the advice of this Nursing/NP resume writing specialist.

Amanda has several services tailored to target your desired level of support in navigating this phase.

I love the Resume Makeover as it literally walks you through the whole process. It also includes some seriously impressive bonuses like scripts and her bullet bank (which is worth the price alone IMO).

Check her out:
The Resume Rx:
-use code Save20 for 20% off
-Y’all. Creating a professional resume guided by an NP is one of the best investments you can make for your future. She has stellar templates and the cost includes some fabulous resources.
For more guided/detailed help take a look at her Weekend Resume DIY bundle.

You can also follow her for more advice on IG: @theresumerx

My favorite resources:

*If you need to purchase any of these products I am greatly appreciative if you use my links which offer a small commission and cost you nothing additional. Thank you for supporting my channel*

The Ultimate H&P Cheatsheet:
(A copy of the 12 most common ICU problems with associated dot phrases to copy into your EMR with explanations for each problem. This is how you become efficient at note writing. It changed my life, literally started going home on time once I used these)

The ICU Book by Paul Marino
(A must have. Easy to read, literally cover to cover. Also a life-long reference. Particularly helpful when the nurse calls you for tachycardia - simply flip to that page, it gives you actionable sequence of events with a little bit of pathophys)

The Ventilator Book
(A must have)

Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation
(Deeper understanding, does a good job describing the mechanics and also I love how they break down waveforms)

Mometrix test bank for AGACNP review

Barkley Board review
(Get this before you start school and use it to study as you go along in your course - trust me it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to preparation post graduation)

The opinions shared here are my own and may not reflect those of my employers. This is educational and does not constitute medical advise.
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