Resume Tips for College Grads & Entry-Level Professionals | How to Write a Resume w/ No Experience

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Today’s video is for my college graduates who are entering the job market and getting started with their careers. I’m going to be giving you some resume tips to show your value, and potential, and why employers should consider you a valuable addition regardless of your being fresh out of school.

First of all, congratulations on graduating! Especially during a whole pandemic?

I’m so happy for you for pushing through your entire program no matter what obstacles you faced.

So now comes the time for you to officially start your career and land your first job fresh out of college.

Which means, you’ll need to craft an attractive, value-based resume to use to apply to entry-level roles

The tips in this video will help you write and create a resume fit for the professional you are sure to become and evolve into.

We’ll talk about what to include, what constitutes as experience, and how to target your resume.

Let’s get into it.


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