Resume Revamp Course Overview

Do you struggle to write a resume that shows how amazing you are? This online course can help!

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This self-paced course covers more than just writing and formatting a resume. We explore:
- How the hiring process at most US companies works nowadays
- What you have to offer to a potential employer
- How to read a job posting beyond just a bullet list of job responsibilities
- Writing your Professional Value Proposition
- Identifying your Transferrable skills and proofs of them
- Creating a Master Portfolio of Skills
- Writing and formatting your resume
- Some resume cautionary tales
- Identifying the problem that the company is hiring to solve
- Positioning yourself as the solution to the company's problem
- Using your resume as a jumping off point for cover letters, interviews, and more

My goal with this course is that you will not only be able to SEE and ARTICULATE your value, but that you can find work that fits you - that you enjoy doing, that challenges you in a good way, and that makes you feel fulfilled in the work you do every day.

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