Residency interview: How program interviews IMGs

We discuss Residency interview and how a residency program interviews IMGs. Dr. Watts, who is residency interview committe member at Cook County hospital answers questions about residency interview, what program looks for and how to best prepare answers for the interview specially as IMG. Other questions:

How to answer tell me something about yourself?
How to talk about attempts and gaps?
Applying to multiple specialties
What not to do in residency interivew?
How to prepare for virtual residency interview

What questions do they ask in a residency interview?
How do I prepare for residency interview?
What are residency interviewers looking for?
How can I impress my residency interview?
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weird residency interview questions
What questions should I ask in a residency program director interview?
What are residency program directors looking for?
What questions do you have for me residency interview?
How do I prepare for a residency interview?
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questions to ask residency program coordinator
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