Report Launch Webinar: Fairwork Germany Ratings 2021/22

Fairwork Germany 2021/22 Report:
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The Fairwork Germany Ratings 2021 report evaluates the working conditions in 12 of the most popular digital labour platforms in Germany, such as Gorillas, Helpling, Lieferando, and Uber.

Over the last two years, the COVID pandemic has shaped the platform economy in unprecedented ways. The increasing number of workers joining the platform economy has gone hand in hand with new platforms entering the German digital labour market. 2021 also saw an increase in collective action by platform workers to demand better pay and protections. For a second year, the Fairwork ratings highlight the wide variety of labour standards in the German platform economy, showing that working conditions, far from being homogeneous, differ significantly from platform to platform. Most importantly, our report shows how the increased competition in the market has not necessarily translated into improved labour standards. While some platforms have implemented policies over the past year to offer their workers better rights, overall, there is a long way to go for most platforms to offer decent labour standards.

Report author Dr Oğuz Alyanak give a brief presentation of key findings from the report. This is followed by a discussion with guest panellists: Prof h.c. Jutta Allmendinger, PhD (President, WZB Berlin Social Science Centre), Ana Dujić (Director, Policy Lab ‘Digital, Work & Society’ of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) and Prof Eva Kocher (European University Viadrina Frankfurt Oder).

Prof Maren Borkert, XU University

Dr Oğuz Alyanak, TU Berlin
Prof h.c. Jutta Allmendinger, PhD, President of WZB Berlin Social Science Centre
Ana Dujić, Director of Policy Lab ‘Digital, Work & Society’ of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Prof Eva Kocher, European Uni Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder
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