"Rent-A-Cops" Try to Intimidate Journalist, Get EDUCATED On Our Rights Instead! 1st Amendment Audit

Fellow Patriots & Freedom lovers, On April 7th 2022 I was peacefully exercising my 1st Amendment rights in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. While gathering content in the Davidson County Building, I was confronted by security who informed me That recording wasn’t allowed but couldn’t explain to me why when asked. Eventually the Davidson CountyClerk came out and was smart enough to say she would check with the legal department but that didn’t stop the security guards from trying to violate my rights…Please be sure to hit the like button, it truly helps spread this around for more Patriots to see it and I appreciate it!

If you feel the need to peacefully petition your grievances against your government OR commend any public servants behavior regarding this incident I will leave public contact information below. Always remember, this is your right under the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution! We the People can effect change together!

Archangel Protective Services:

+1 615-712-9759

[email protected]


Davidson County Clerk:

+1 615-862-6050

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