Remote & Hybrid Work? - Consider Two Issues, Liability and Connectedness

Working remotely may have helped your organization survive the pandemic, but do you continue offering remote or hybrid assignments to your employees? There are many positives to working remotely but there also risks and potential negative consequences to teams and the organizational culture. This video reviews two key issues of concern that every organization should consider and review before continuing or offering for the first time, remote or hybrid assignments.

(Poswolsky, Adam Smiley. "How Leaders Can Build Connection ina Disconnected Workplace." Harvard Business Review, 21 Jan. 2022, https://hbr.org/2022/01/how-leaders-can-build-connection-in-a-disconnected-workplace?cid=other-eml-onp-mip-mck&hlkid=587b14ba0ef74241a2d5b341e90c60f1&hctky=12218366&hdpid=a98d5d57-4443-425c-97f2-d63b8cee03ab)
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