Religious Freedom legislation ‘won’t pass Parliament’: Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says we can be confident the Coalition’s Religious Freedom legislation won’t pass the Parliament, given it has been left so late in the term.

“The Morrison government is finally moving to honour its election commitment to protect religious freedom,” she said.

“As always, it’s a question of getting the balance right and the problem with passing general laws … is that they always have to be interpreted by judges, and these days, judges are much more likely to be social progressives than legal conservatives.

“That’s why, on balance, I’d prefer to leave political problems to the Parliament than hand them over to the courts.

“Often, the best thing governments can do is avoid making a bad situation worse by passing new laws that could end up having unintended, unforeseen consequences.

“On balance, the commitment to legislate religious freedom – as opposed merely to believing in it – is one that would best never have been made.”
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