Reinventing Work with Mike Yates

The Socialist Project is proud to present Reinventing Work, a launch event for Work, Work, Work: Labor, Alienation, and Class Struggle, the insightful new book by Mike Yates. Join us for this special online event, featuring a presentation from Mike on the book’s perspective and its relevance to today’s moment.

Leanne MacMillan and Herman Rosenfeld, both retired union staff persons, comment on how the issues raised in Mike’s book relate to Ontario and Canada today.

Mike Yates is a long time Marxist and socialist writer and analyst, one of the editors of Monthly Review. He has written extensively about capitalism with particular emphasis on the working class, its life, potential, and role in transforming society. His latest book, gathers a series of his re-edited essays and articles dealing with various aspects of working in capitalist society, the working class, its institutions, its contradictions and potentials, and the broader social relations that drive all of this.

Recorded online, 13 December 2022.
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