Refusing unsafe work - with unvaccinated coworkers

Refusing unsafe work and working with unvaccinated coworkers

Excellent topic! Can you refuse to work with unvaccinated co-workers because you feel it is unsafe or it is unsafe work? The answers, yes answers might surprise you! In fact as polarizing as this topic is, the answers from the experts can be as different as the people asking them. People will ask, government officials and bureaucrats, politicians, doctors and of course lawyers but what would a safety professional say. Watch the video and find out!

00:00 - Intro and the twist!
00:29 – What is unsafe work
01:11 – The experts were asked and...
02:30 – What the lawyers say - LOL!
03:52 - The safety guy's opinion
04:58 - The problems and difficulties in the private sector
05:22 – Further investigation is necessary
05:52 - Recommending & applying corrective actions
07:03 - Who gets the reports
07:25 - Overview of the necessary investigative steps


The lawyer clips were taken from this clip - Global News/Global TV - - By Simon Little & Jordan Armstrong Global News

Unsafe work definition

Any work being performed where uncontrolled hazards are present with the potential of causing harm to the worker or workers performing the tasks.

Some additional health and safety resources:

Worker Rights and Responsibilities - Including the right to refuse unsafe work

Incident Investigation Theory and Practice

Seven Minutes of Safety Collection


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