Refactor your hiring process: a framework (w/ Ilse Ackerman, Ezinne Chimah & Rocío Garza Tisdell)

While technologies in our industry have evolved rapidly in recent years, the way organizations hire has lagged. At Brooklyn Data, we've been innovating on the hiring process with fairness, rigor, efficiency, and candidate experience in mind, to good success. In this workshop, we're happy to share our work in progress, offer a lens with which to reflect on your own goals and process, and provide you with some simple modifications that you can put right into action.

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00:00 Introduction
05:49 Review framework
07:08 Review hiring process for information asymmetry
10:06 Reduce opportunity for bias
11:44 Broaden the pool
17:05 Review for fairness and accessibility
18:58 Identify inefficiencies
21:43 Eliminate groupthink
23:24 Maximize signal
26:44 Reduce noise
29:01 Ensure a feedback loop
33:23 Trade offs
34:16 What's next?
35:45 Q&A
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