RED FACE. How I Learnt to Live with Social Anxiety: Interview with Russell Norris

The long-awaited conversation with Russell Norris about Erythrophobia, Chronic Blushing, and the impact Social Anxiety had on his life.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and if you haven't read Russell's book, Red Face - How I Learnt to Live with Social Anxiety, you are missing out!

The interview starts at 6:09

11:12 - What made you write this book?
15:28 - What was the reaction from those around you once they read your book?
20:00 - Avoidance
23:50 - Piano story - performance when being watched.
28:00 - Skipping school. Being misunderstood.
32:19 - Too much input.
34:50 - Beta Blockers, Medication for Blushing.
43:30 - Suicidal. At your worst. The struggle for men who blush.
53:00 - Brandon Thomas' story
56:20 - Russell's moment of change. Fear of passing down blushing to your children.
01:01 - You are not alone. Awareness.
01:07 - Talking on National television.
01:16 - Final words from Russell - Don't internalize. Talk to someone.

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