Recreating The Rare 1990 Apple Sample Employee Sneaker

Recreating The Rare 1990 Apple Sample Employee Sneaker

In today’s episode of Customs with Vick, in today's video, we take it back to the '90s! Creating one of the rarest apple products ever created. Vick starts off the project by removing the Reebok logos using a seem ripper. Next, using alcohol and some acetone, he removes more branding off the back heel. Moving on the add the new apple tags provided by @foxtrott_uniform. He sews in the tongue and using double-sided tape, he adds the patches to the sides of the shoe. Here's where the fun comes to play. Using stencils, Vick paints on the words Think Different on the back heel tabs. Lastly, he ages the shoe adding some fake glue stains and using Sail stainer to add a vintage look. We hope you liked today's custom video! Make sure you hit that like and subscribe button to catch more content!

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