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In this episode of Head in the Clouds, Recession Proof Tech Jobs | How To Get Hired In A Recession | Tech Career Management. Mike, Elonzo, and Chris have a timely and important discussion about a potential recession in 2022. As part of this discussion, we will talk about digital transformation in a recession, the best tech jobs in a recession, how not to get laid off, and more.

Over the past few months and year, there have been many indications that we could be headed for a recession in 2022 which could lead to layoffs in tech. If you’ve seen the stories of inflation, Netflix layoffs, amazon losses, and many more, then you have noticed these trends too. We want to help you be prepared for the potential tech company layoffs, but we also want to help you with getting hired in a recession.

At Go Cloud Careers and Go Cloud Architects we help individuals prepare for their dream cloud jobs, whether it be a cloud architect job or a cloud engineer job. With our cloud architect career training and cloud engineer training, we can help you be the best prepared for success as possible.

So join us for this discussion covering everything from inflation macroeconomics, to how to make money in a recession, to potential tech layoffs; and be prepared for success.


At Go Cloud Careers and Go Cloud Architects, we focus on helping individuals reach their dream cloud architect career or cloud engineer career as quickly and efficiently as possible. We want you to be prepared fo your cloud architect job, cloud architect career, cloud engineer job, or cloud engineer career with the right knowledge and skillset.

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