Really Weird Rules Steakhouse Employees Are Forced To Follow

Dining out at a steakhouse is typically a pretty fancy affair, and one that customers go into expecting to pay higher prices than they would for the average burger and fries plate. The dining experience isn’t all about the food, though — much of it comes down to the restaurant’s servers.
Because steakhouses are generally considered to be an elevated dining experience, steakhouse employees have to do things a little differently. But how far does it go? From sharing tips to serving customers after closing, these are the really weird rules steakhouse employees are forced to follow.

Also, just a heads up, you may want to keep an eye on the comments for this vid. It talks in absolutes, but these things don’t happen in every steakhouse restaurant situation (or even most). Most of these are pulled from Outback specifically.

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Sharing tips | 0:00
Talking to staff | 1:31
Talking about customers | 2:43
Rigid schedules | 4:00
Serving after closing | 5:20
Being watched | 6:01

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