RaleighHub Safety Orientation

Overview of Management Commitment to Safety and Employer/Employee Rights and Responsibilities:
- Explain management’s commitment to safety and health and safety and health written policies
- Explain the employee responsibilities/rights, scope of work, and job expectations
2. Explanation and Review of the Company’s Safety and Health Program/Policies including:
- Review the hazard communication program, including how to find Safety Data Sheets
-Review the incident reporting and investigations program
- Identify the company’s competent persons, when required, and their specific roles
-Review the employee accountability policy
- Review the drug and alcohol policy
- Review the workplace violence prevention policy
- Review the property damage policy
- Explain how employee can provide feedback to the company
3. Overview of Applicable Safety and Health Regulatory Requirements, including Employee
Workplace Rights:
- Explain that employees have a right to a safe and healthful workplace, and to how to report unsafe workplace conditions (e.g., proper chain of command/protocol) and include a statement that there will be no retaliation for reporting them
4. Explanation of Site-Specific Information:
- Explain the identified safety and health hazards present, or anticipated hazards on the site (e.g. falls, electrical, confined space, hazardous materials)
- Explain the unique hazards or special challenges specific to this job, or scope of work
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