QuickBooks Online How to update Employer Tax rates for ETT and SUI 2023

It's that time of the year again... Before processing your first Payroll in 2023 make sure you update your Employer Training Tax (ETT) and State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rates.

QuickBooks Online is always moving where to go so I've put together a video explaining the step-by-step process for 2023.

Grab your letter from EDD with your current rate and let's get your QuickBooks rates adjusted.

If you are looking for the desktop version of this video click here ➡️ https://youtu.be/hNmKNXjs1lE

Let me know in the comments if you were able to update your rates before your first payroll.

0:00 - Employer Tax rates for ETT and SUI 2023 in QBO
0:24 - Taxes in QuickBooks Online
1:06 - Unemployment Insurance (UI)
1:56 - ETT Rate in QuickBooks Online
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