Questions asked by the employer during Ausbildung Interview Germany | Ausbildung Interview Questions

- About the Video
In this informative video, you will get to know about the questions which were asked during the
Ausbildung Interview. One of our students, Aditi, explained the various questions which were
asked during the Ausbildung interview. We are happy that she has received a Visa for
Ausbildung. Her application for Visa was totally different from other students because she has
been deboarded from Germany due to some other reasons in 2018 and finally in November
2022 she will fly to Germany.
Ausbildung is profession-related training that will lead you towards a certain job. Germany has
more than 300 vocational occupations. Every program has different requirements. But you can
find training with almost any educational background.
- Questions asked during the Ausbildung interview
 Introduction (They will get to know you by asking this question)
 What you exactly did in Nursing? (Depends on the Ausbildung program you have taken
to study there)
 Past working experience in specific field?
 At what level you have completed German language and from where you have learned?
 Why you want to pursue a Nursing Ausbildung? (Depends on the apperentichip you
want to pursue)
 What you have elaborated in SOP? (You must understand your SOP and should have
mentioned all the things you wanted to conclude)
According to us advantages for pursuing Ausbildung are given below:

 During the Ausbildung training, trainees receive a monthly stipend which is from the
German company. It is called a training allowance. It may be between about 1200 and 1500
Euros. Depending on the region and the profession.
 It is also possible that your close family members to come to Germany and complete their
apprenticeship training together.
 And last but not least, after successful completion of training, you will receive the state
qualification of skilled worker. A skilled worker degree is important to apply for a
permanent residence permit in Germany. After several years of working in Germany, the
acquisition of German citizenship is also possible in principle.

If you want to know more about Ausbildung kindly go through the link of the playlist given below.

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