Qatar: Killer Heat Cripples Workers

A look at the impact of extreme heat on migrant workers in the Gulf. It focuses on the large number of unexplained deaths (allegedly due to heart failure) among Nepalese workers in Qatar. We also examine the role of heat exposure in relation to young workers returning from the Gulf with Chronic Kidney Disease, which leaves them on dialysis for the rest of their lives. Filming in Nepal reveals a different dimension of the migrant experience: the background of extreme poverty that motivates so many people to migrate to the Gulf, despite the well-known risks in doing so. The film looks at the disastrous 2019 World Athletics Championships Women’s Marathon, held in Qatar, to show the dangers of heat on the human body. Thirty of the runners had to drop out because of the heat. We meet Malcolm Bidali, a Kenyan security guard who was fined and extradited for raising concerns about workers’ rights violations, specifically security guards working in the midday heat in breach of Qatar’s own laws.

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BBC Arabic – Ref. 8303
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