Q&A November 2022

Apologies for the shaky camera in the beginning — it gets better.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:39 Managing/splitting your time
0:08:10 Picking dependencies
0:17:40 Justifying working for Amazon
0:22:30 Moving to full-time open-source/teaching
0:27:05 Beginner-friendly Rust projects
0:32:50 WebAssembly
0:34:58 Why vim?
0:41:25 What would you remove from Rust?
0:45:15 Increasing Rust complexity
0:52:55 Copilot
1:00:00 Rust in the Linux kernel
1:02:30 Management consulting
1:05:15 NixOS
1:07:45 Keeping notes
1:25:10 Playing the piano
1:31:40 Advice for undergrads applying for grad school
1:38:50 Is Rust adoption accelerating?
1:44:10 Rust in critical systems
1:46:25 Favorite podcasts
1:52:25 Moving from LA
2:07:50 Non-technical books
2:10:45 Allocators in Rust
2:13:45 Nervous starting as a software engineer
2:20:55 Aside: camera cables
2:21:45 Alternate careers
2:24:20 Ensemble/mob/pair programming
2:27:40 Rust debugger
2:32:15 Why did you continue in academia after undergrad?
2:40:40 Parasocial relationships
2:43:12 Moving to Rust jobs from jobs in other langs
2:46:10 Why MIT?
2:50:00 Elon Musk and Twitter
2:54:50 Challenges in developer experience tooling
2:59:13 Interesting problems in databases
3:01:25 Actors vs. shared memory
3:03:45 Do PhD if want to join industry?
3:05:55 Camera side-by-side

Live version with chat: https://youtu.be/ON2gANLfGhc
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