Python Interview Questions for Fresher

1. What is PIP in Python?
2. What type of language is Python? Programming or Scripting?
3. What are the key features of Python?
4. What are the different implementations of Python?
5. How is Python an interpreted language?
6. What is PEP 8 in Python?
7. What is PYTHON PATH?
8. How to write & execute Python Programs?
9. How Python is Object Oriented Programming Language?
10. What is a Local variable in Python?
11. How to define Data types in Python?
12. What are docstrings in Python?
13. What are the Python Collections?
14. How to read User Input in Python?
15. How to write code blocks in Python?

Python Complete Tutorial

Python Video Tutorial

Python Programming Syllabus

Python Programming Quiz

Python Interview Questions for Fresher
1. Introduction to Python Programming Language

2. Download and Install Python

Python Environment Setup (Using PyCharm IDE)

3. Python Language Syntax

4. Python Keywords and Identifiers

5. Comments in Python

6. Python Variables

7. Python Data Types

8. Python Operators

9. Python Conditional Statements

10. Python Loops

11. Python Branching Statements

12. Python Numbers

13. String Handling in Python

14. Python Data Structures - Lists

15. Python Data Structures - Sets

16. Python Data Structures - Tuples

17. Python Data Structures - Dictionaries

18. Python User Defined Functions

19. Python Built-in Functions

20. Python Modules

21. Python User Input

22. File Handling in Python

23. Python Date and Time

24. Python Exception Handling

25. Python Regular Expressions

26. Python Object Oriented Programming

27. Inheritance in Python

28. Polymorphism in Python

29. Abstraction in Python
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