Python For Beginners (Full Course) | Learn Python In 1 hour

Welcome to our Python For Beginners (Full Course), in which you will Learn Python In 1 hour. When first learning Python it can be intimidating, therefore, each topic in this Python For Beginners course is broken down into a few minute intervals.

This timeline is for the Python For Beginners Full Course:
0:00 How To Install Python On A Mac
2:14 What are Strings in Python?
4:23 How To Define Variables in Python
6:21 What is a Syntax Error in Python
7:55 What Is An F-String In Python?
9:30 What Is A List In Python?
11:45 List Methods In Python
15:09 Python Comments | Best Practices For Comments In Python
17:43 What Are Index Errors In Python?
19:28 How To Organize Lists In Python
22:12 Loop Through Lists In Python | Python For Loops
24:52 Ways To Check If An Element Is In A Python List
27:23 Boolean Expressions In Python
29:55 What are Indentation Error In Python?
30:57 Range Function in Python
34:05 Tuples in Python
36:08 If-Statements In Python
38:30 Python Dictionaries & Key-Value Pairs
40:51 While Loops In Python
42:26 Defining Functions In Python
44:38 Keyword And Positional Arguments In Python
46:46 Pass A List To A Function In Python
49:31 Basic User Input In Python
52:53 fargs, args & kwargs in Python
58:25 Classes and Instances In Python
1:03:36 Classes vs Instance Variables In Python
1:06:55 Try And Except Blocks In Python (Error Handling)
1:11:03 Outro

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What is Python and why you should learn Python? Python programming, in particular Python 3, is a growing programming language that is loved by many programmers due to its simple syntax and ease of use. Python allows for relatively easy debugging of your codes and there are many beautiful Python IDE’s available for free to make coding more enjoyable. Python is also very popular among Data Scientists and many machine learning applications.
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