Providing Care in Conflict Zones: An Interview with Dr. Monzer Yazji

Dr. Yazji, the Clinical Dean for the Saint James School of Medicine and an accomplished physician in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, recently performed surgeries in conflict areas in Eastern Ukraine and has also conducted medical missions in Syria and Haiti in the past. In addition to sharing his experiences, Dr. Yazji will discuss the challenges of providing care in global hot spots, such as diagnosing patients using limited medical resources and conducting emergency skin grafts in dangerous conditions.

Dr. Yazji was interviewed by Will Wintercross, an international filmmaker, journalist, and producer. Mr. Wintercross has covered global issues including wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya and the Ebola outbreaks in West Africa. His work has appeared on PBS Newshour, CNN Frontline, The Telegraph, BBC, Buzzfeed, and more.
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