Prototyping a learning Shiny progression app!

A huge reason that the Shiny Developer Series exists is to showcase the brilliant ways we can leverage the Shiny ecosystem to create amazing applications. While I have been fortunate to connect with the developers of packages and practitioners building Shiny apps, a lot of times we only see the finished product with perhaps a GitHub repo of the development history. What if we could have a way to easily show the different iterations of a Shiny app, within the SAME app? I believe we can! Inspired by a brilliant idea by Jesse Mostipak, I begin prototyping such a framework with Colin Fay's {brochure} package and a few extra tricks to lay the foundation for an automated solution to creating this framework. I see huge potential for this to be a great asset to learning effective Shiny application development!

Bonus: I share some huge wins in my OBS streaming setup that will make my life a lot easier.

Originally streamed on the R-Podcast Twitch channel on 06-October-2021 -

Resources mentioned in the stream:

✍️ App repository:
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