Protection or Privacy? | BCS Nottingham & Derby branch

Join the debate between IT security professionals and privacy advocates:
As an IT security manager I want to be able to inspect inbound traffic to my organisation to scan it for malware.
As a CIO I want outbound traffic from my organisation scanned to look for potential data loss to ensure we don't lose IP or confidential information.
As a CFO I would like to enable BYOD to reduce costs.
As a user I want my communications to be private.
As a DPO I need to ensure that the data protection rights or users and third parties are respected
As General Counsel, I need to ensure that the company obeys privacy and cybersecurity laws, litigation rules and complies with contractual obligations due to third parties
As a consumer product / service provider I want to compete for users on the basis of privacy features.
The intersection between current technology, competitive demands and the law means that many of these objectives are in direct conflict - with companies between a rock and hard place.
Join our debate and help solve this modern day problem.
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