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Professional CV Writing Service
When you start searching for Jobs in Gulf countries, first thing you want to do is to make your CV.
Generally people download free CV templates online or copy paste their details on their friends CV copy.
Your CV is your First Impression in front of the Employers, who may not meet with you personally but first view your details only in format of your CV. Hence you have only few seconds of first ready to convince them to get interview call.
If the CV was presented without a proper strategy, than it will not generate any interview response for you.

Why you need to use a Professional CV Writing Service?
To grab the attention of the employer; an HR Consultant will write your CV with a clear strategy in mind.
Besides writing your vital details in latest ATS ready CV Format the consultant will entail your career advancement, achievements and other important facts in appropriate manner to impress the employers.

This can only be achieved, when you hire a Professional Licensed and Certified HR Consultant.

It is same like how an employer is hiring you to fill their vacancy, instead of doing that job themselves.

You should also do the same by hiring a professional HR Consultant for writing an impressive CV for you.

Cost of Professional CV
Imagine what were you earning monthly as salary, annually and now divide that with 365 days.
The amount that you will get for one days salary should be ideally speaking the cost of writing your CV.
Example: AED 3000 monthly salary will be AED 36000 Annually and AED 360 per day salary.
Is this cost too much for you or too less you be the best judge yourself.
Because if you remain job less for too long it is your loss.
Generally speaking it is not very costly to hire a Professional CV Writer.
In fact it is worth to take their advice or second opinion to improve the chances of your job success.

What makes CV Writing Service special?
At Gulf Job Seeker, we try to service you with latest ATS Ready CV formats, check content, grammar, spelling, insert relevant key words in your CV making it easily searchable in database, detail your information in right sequence and provide valuable points with quality content to deliver finally an impressive CV to you.

We charge only one time fees in a year to our clients and provide free updates whenever required during the period.
We have placed 45000+ candidates in last 21 years of our HR Consulting experience.
Our experts has been part of interviews taking place between candidates and employers.
Our team keeps those valuable inputs in their mind, while drafting a perfect resume for you.

Have you ever thought, why your CV is not generating enough response?
In most cases you are not short listed, not because you are incapable, but because of your inability to showcase yourself effectively in front of the employer.

Spend time on your CV Writing and ask for a Professional Help from HR Consultants.
CV Review & Evaluation Service from
Get your CV professionally evaluated before you send your job applications out in the market.
Get your CV Rewritten in ATS Compliant format and get its score rechecked.
Identify Eight common mistakes in your CV which generally causes zero or less response.
Those mistakes are not mentioning clear Job Target, Strategy, Content, Clarity, Layout, Length, Key Words & Presentation of CV in ATS non-compliant format.

What is ATS?
Applicant tracking System (ATS) is a software that manages your entire hiring and recruitment process.
Imagine when you search something online on Google or in search engine, what do you see as result.
The search engine uses key words to search in their database those web pages or files that you are searching.

So imagine now your CV is their but it does not have those key words, what employers may use to search similar CVs like yours. You may not be visible in their CV search or may come up in results way below compared to other CV's.

How to order a Professional CV Writing Service?

Send your current CV or basic information by WhatsApp us on +971504753686

Our HR Consultant will ask few questions related to your Job Position Target and Salary details.

Based on this information, we will raise an invoice to you for our Service Fees.

Once payment is received our HR Consultant will spend his time to prepare a draft CV for you.

You may receive your drafted CV in 2 to 4 working days' time to review.

Their after it is the process of finalizing your CV as per your expectation and HR Consultants advice till you are fully satisfied.

Support available for generating interview response
In case after getting your CV Rewritten in a professional manner you need our help for job search conact us today.
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