Prince Harry’s Big Tell-All: The Full Breakdown | Ep. 1645

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Prince Harry releases his new memoir, and we explore all the sordid details – and what it says about the next generation of Western leadership; House Republicans pass a bill preserving the lives of those born in botched abortions, and Democrats scream about it; and another batch of Biden classified documents is uncovered.

00:00 - Harry Thinks He’s A Martyr
13:10 - Diana’s Death Is The Original Sin
15:14 - Harry Talks About The “Willy” That Isn’t His Brother
16:24 - Harry Is A Victim
18:08 - Führer Harry
20:10 - Harry’s Family Means Nothing To Him
23:50 - Harry Trashes His Dad
26:40 - It’s All William’s Fault
30:20 - Time To Trash The Army
30:57 - Meghan Markle’s Manipulative Power
35:30 - Harry Is A Hummingbird
39:13 - Biden’s Second Batch Of Classified Documents
42:10 - Inflation Is Slightly Declining

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