Press Release 30/2022, Passing Out Parade of 145th PMA Long Course - 30 Mar 2022

Passing out parade of 145th PMA Long Course, 12th Mujahid Course, 19th Lady Cadet Course and 64th Integrated Course held at Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. 17 Allied cadets from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Maldives, Azerbaijan and Nigeria were also among passing out cadets including international Lady Cadets.
Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu, Chief of Air Staff was the chief guest on the occasion. He reviewed the parade. CAS congratulated the passing out cadets on achieving this milestone. The chief guest gave awards to distinguished cadets. The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Academy Senior under Officer ASUO Abdul Qahar of 145th Long Course. The President's Gold Medal to Battalion Senior Under Officer Ubaid Ur Rehman of 145th Long Course, the Overseas Gold Medal to Foreign Country Senior Under Officer Issa Enad Al Masoodi from Iraq of 145th Long Course, Commandant’s Cane to Company Sports Sergeant Matee Ur Rasool of Integrated Course, Commandant’s Cane to Company Junior Under Officer M Haseeb Khan of Basic Military Training Course, Commandant’s Cane to Company Under Officer Faizan Khan of Basic Mujahid Course, Commandant’s Cane to Company Sergeant Major Nida of Lady Cadet Course and Commandant’s Overseas Medal to Friendly Country Sergeant Hauwa from Nigeria.
Major General Omer Ahmed Bokhari, Commandant Pakistan Military Academy and large number of senior serving / retired armed forces personnel, parents and relatives of passing out cadets witnessed the parade.
Highlights of CAS speech
Pakistan Army has not only defeated the menace of terrorism and its manifestations but has also kept a five times larger Army at bay. our armed forces are a true reflection of Quaid's Pakistan, with no distinction of caste, creed, gender, religion, status, geography or beliefs.
PMA Kakul is indeed one of the best military academies of the world, where our nation's most motivated youth volunteer to join the ranks and lead the best.
we live in challenging times in the wake of evolving global and regional environment. Let it be known that Pakistan is a peace loving nation and wishes to maintain friendly ties with all countries, especially our neighbors. However, our desire for peace must be understood on the right direction. Let me make it clear that there can be no peace without a just settlement of the Kashmir issue. We condemn the grave human rights violations in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. I urge the international community to play their role in ending human rights violation and atrocities in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
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