Preparing yourself for a JOB SEARCH (Part 1)

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With the pandemic and industry 4.0 making job markets more competitive, people need to continuously improve themselves to compete. This is now the only way to truly secure one’s future. This makes access to quality education, whether traditional or non-traditional, as important as ever.

There are 30 million underresourced youth in the Philippines who can’t afford higher education and upskilling to move up in life. Due to their risky situation and lack of collateral, young but high potential dreamers are considered unbankable by formal financial institutions. Moreover, with less jobs available due to the pandemic, the youth entering the labor market for the first time will be at a great disadvantage competing with older, more experienced jobseekers. In short, the future of young Filipinos is presently a game of odds. InvestEd exists to change this unfair reality.

InvestEd envisions a world where every young dreamer has no barriers to success. Our mission is to empower underresourced youth in their journey from education to adulthood, through a high tech, high touch human development program. Our program provides capital, coaching, and community- the success essentials of a budding adult in a fast changing world: Capital for education financing & upskilling; Life skills coaching to succeed in the education-to-adulthood journey; and a community for socioemotional support.

A globally awarded impact business, InvestEd has helped thousands of low-income Filipino youth from 300+ schools increase their income and navigate success in a fast changing world. A landmark invention by InvestEd is its Data-Driven Risk Engine- a proprietary methodology that de-risks student loans at scale. To-date InvestEd has raised more than 125 Million pesos from funders such as Johnson & Johnson Foundation and UNICEF; high net worth individuals such as the Fmr. Country Manager of Mastercard and Fmr. CEO of Bank of America Singapore; and impact funds such as inBest Ventures (Backed by Macquarie and Australian Aid’s Investing in Women).

Awards & Accolades: Forbes 30 Under 30 (2021) | Asia Tatler Generation T (2020) | The Outstanding Women in The Nation’s Service (TOWNS) (2019) | Obama Foundation’s Asia Pacific Leaders (2019) | Top 10 Global Finalist, Accelerate2030 by UNDP and Impact Hub Global (2019) | Laureate for South Asia and Oceania, Cartier Women’s Initiative (2019)| Philippine Representative, Asia Social Innovation Awards (2019) | Dubai World Expo Top 100 Global Innovators (2018)
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