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┊ ┊ Reality can be whatever I want┊ ┊

☯ Benefits:
- Have ideal life / scenarios / relationships (family, friends, bf/gf, business partners, strangers,...) / career / health (both mentally and physically)
- Manifest your ideal life / scenarios / plot / events / experiences into your reality
- Have desired personality / vibe; aesthetics / skills / talents / intellect (IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ)
- Have immense abundance: opportunities and chances coming your way; desired financial status; desired materialistic life; desired mental status
- Free from doubts, obsessions, twisted or fear based thoughts or unfavorable scenarios / events / experiences that diverge the life you desired
- Your wishes become reality, successfully manifest any wishes and desires you have
- Receive divine energy / power / protection from the universe
- Receive clarity to what your ideal life be like + clear directions of what to do in life
- Perfectly align with your true vision, your vibrations are perfectly align with the vibrations of your desired life


This does not include appearance related affirmations as I genuinely think it really up to you yourself. If you want to look a certain way, write them down as manifestations (or just visualize it) and let them go, they will be there in your life.

DON’T WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN because it makes you think that you don’t already have those features, which ofc prevent those to be manifested into your reality. Think as if they are already there. For example if you have this car, you wouldn’t constantly think about wanting the car right? (cuz you already have it)

And this subliminal is only going to help you to achieve the ideal life you envision, please don’t just sit there and dream to be a millionaire =)) Your ideal life can be whatever you want it to be, and it will manifest exactly that. And no this is NOT a shifting subliminal.

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✎ Instruction:
- Listen 1-2 times a day with 10-50% volume (stop immediately when feeling nausea, tired, dizzy, or any other negative reactions)
- This is unisex and affirmations only (I don't use frequencies)
- This subliminal has included boosters
- You can download the audio in all formats (mp3, mp4, wav,...)
- The results are permanent

Notes: I don’t take requests

Music: Ravel Miroirs III. Une Barque sur L'Ocean
Clips from: Feel My Rhythm - Red Velvet

✽ That is all, take care
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