Power Apps in SharePoint Pages | Power Apps List Connected Web Parts

In this Power Apps Tutorial Video, I will showcase how to add SharePoint List Forms Customized PowerApps & Standalone PowerApps to Modern SharePoint Pages. We will look at the features available as part of the Power Apps Web Part & explore how to leverage the Embed Web Part to create a connected web part scenario with Power Apps & SharePoint List. Upon selection of a list item, the PowerApps webpart will receive the property of the selected list item as a query string dynamic filter parameter & we will perform deep linking in Power Apps to showcase the Power Apps form for the selected item. The connected web part scenario will be showcased for both SharePoint List Forms customized with Power Apps & Standalone Power Apps.

In this video you will learn about:
✅ Type of SharePoint Power Apps - Standalone Vs Customized Forms
✅ How to add Power Apps in Modern SharePoint Pages
✅ Power Apps Web Part
✅ Power Apps in Embed Web Part (iframe) with connected SharePoint List
✅ Dynamic filtering with Power Apps Web Part in SharePoint Pages
✅ Deep Linking in Power Apps

Add content to your page using the Embed web part

Connect web parts in SharePoint

Customize SharePoint List Forms with Power Apps

Power Apps Standalone App connected to SharePoint

My Power Apps Playlist:

Power Apps for beginners Playlist (Get started with Power Apps):

00:00 - Introduction
00:38 - Power App Types in SharePoint
01:09 - Standalone Power App based on SharePoint List
02:28 - Customize SharePoint List Forms with Power Apps
04:03 - Power Apps in SharePoint Pages
04:25 - Power Apps Web Part
04:42 - Standalone Power App in Modern SharePoint Online Page
06:45 - Power Apps Customized List Forms in SharePoint Pages
08:45 - Connected Web Parts with Power Apps Customized List Form (Deep linking)
17:32 - Advantages of Power Apps in Connected Web Part Scenarios
19:45 - Connected Web Parts with Standalone Power Apps (Deep linking)
24:26 - Subscribe to Reza Dorrani channel

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