Post-termination restrictions - how to get them right.

Restrictive covenants can be a powerful tool to protect your business from misuse of confidential information and unfair competition. However, many employers get them wrong because they do not pay heed to what the courts see as reasonable. In this webinar we help you to understand the key principles and latest case law to ensure compliance and effective enforcement, including:

Interests that can be legitimately protected
The correct approach: reasonable for the particular situation
Non-solicitation, non-dealing and non-competition clauses
Confidential information
Garden leave
This webinar will be relevant to HR professionals, in-house lawyers and senior managers.

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Angie Crush, Partner
Angie will be chairing the discussion. A senior partner and experienced employment law practitioner, Angie advises a range of businesses in relation to day-to-day HR matters, ensuring clients stay out of the employment tribunal litigation process but robustly defending any claims when they are made.

Meredith Hurst, Partner
Meredith is the head of the employment department. Described as ‘technically excellent’, he advises the HR departments of larger businesses on the full range of employment law related issues including discrimination and TUPE.

Joanne Leach
Joanne joined Thomas Mansfield Solicitors as an employment solicitor in 2021. She advises individuals and businesses on employment law disputes and HR issues, conducts employment tribunal litigation and carries out contract reviews. Joanne also advises on the terms of settlement agreements and the effect of post-termination restrictive covenants.

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