Positioning Belts- Is this the right fall protection for my employee?

On this week's episode of Dynamic Discussions, Greg and David help one of our viewers determine what kind of fall protection his employee needs to attach to a structure and then lean over a handrail to open a tank safely. The employee requested to use a positioning belt, but Greg and David recommend using a full body harness and a restraint lanyard. Using an adjustable restraint lanyard will keep the employee in fall restraint so that he can lean over the handrail without toppling over the edge. In decades past, body belts were the only fall protection option but they can cause severy bodily damage if a fall is arrested. Full body harnesses distribute fall forces evenly over the body if a fall is arrested. Today, body belts are used strictly for positioning purposes.

Malta Dynamics Full Body Harnesses: https://maltadynamics.com/product-category/safety-harnesses/?utm_source=video&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=positioning-belt
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