Position Yourself to Demonstrate the Power of Being Disruptive to Make a Positive Impact

In this episode of Break Everything... Lisa interviews Lisa Rangel, CEO and Executive Resume Writer at Chameleon Resumes — Executive Resume Writing Service & Job Landing Consulting. Lisa partners with global executives to successfully navigate the job search process to win interviews and land the right leadership roles faster.

Tune into this episode to learn how to package disruptive and transformative actions in the most professional and impactful way. We hope that after listening to this episode, you can think about being disruptive in a different way.

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In each episode of Break Everything... in Healthcare, healthcare leaders dream BIG about paradigm-shifting ways they want to make the Healthcare system more compassionate, effective, and efficient.

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Lisa Levy: Founder & CEO of Lcubed Consulting | Trusted Advisor | Helping Leaders Thrive through Adaptive Transformation | Engaging Speaker | Bestselling Author | Video Podcast Host.

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