Policeman Illegally Beat, Arrested, and Jailed My Employee (continued)

In this video, Chandler David Smith addresses the police officer who arrested his employee who was doing nothing wrong. He talks about all the examples of misconduct that one officer in Texas demonstrated, as he responded to an illegitimate call from a neighbor looking to cause trouble. Instead of addressing the situation and learning that @loganbaker3123 had all the proper licensing and was breaking no laws, he arrested and brutally handled him. Once he was unrightfully locked in the police car, the officer on duty stole Logan's keys and searched his car without a warrant, in hopes of finding something that could legitimately incriminate him. After finding nothing, the police officer still decided to take Logan to prison where he spent the night, unable to contact anyone until morning, when he was released without charges.

Police misconduct has been a big debate in the past few years, and there has been a call for reform in certain areas. While the majority of police officers are truly great men and women who keep our communities safe, there are a few that many feel are doing just the opposite. In this video, Chandler talks about his sales rep's first hand experience with a single officer who attempted intimidation, false arrest, false imprisonment, falsification of evidence, police brutality, police corruption, and unwarranted searches which as far as they know will go completely unpunished to the officer in question.

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