Pokim Theng Soth Thida builds history on Miss Grand International 2021

Pokim Theng Soth Thida builds history on Miss Grand International 2021
-ចម្រើនជីវិអ្នក លោកតាធី https://youtu.be/iBMpaGSxvfk
-ទេសភាពធម្មជាតិ ប្រូហ៊ូ https://youtu.be/iiZrzSmGc2w
-ព័ត៍មានតារា https://youtu.be/RWedHCYK8JA
-រៀនគូគំនូស្រស់ស្អាត https://youtu.be/SBWPrbvYsYM
-ការប្រើប្រាស់ទឹកស្អាត និងបង្គន់អនាម័យhttps://youtu.be/JQ7T09o4a2k
-ទេសភាពដល់ស្រស់ស្អាត ប្រូថៃ https://youtu.be/fPosaYiep5g
-ធ្វើម្ហូប លោក សុភ័ស្ថ https://youtu.be/nc0F5O3l06w
-ទេសភាពស្រស់ស្អាត ជេសស្តា https://youtu.be/jLGqdYsIyrU
-ទេសភាពស្រស់ស្អាត ប្រូសំណាងhttps://youtu.be/fRcgN87McrE
-ក្រុមការងារសេកមាស https://youtu.be/xEyTUZ-6BuA
On the night of December 4, 2, 21 is the final of the Miss Grand International 2021 beauty pageant. Fans of the Miss Cambodia pageant are excited and surprised after Miss Grand Cambodia 2021, Miss Pokim Theng Soth Thida was able to reach the final 10.

This is considered to be a historical construction in the Miss Ek program above and under the support of philanthropists, celebrities and many people have spent money to vote through the Star Phone App organized by the above program. The announcement of the winners and runners-up among the last 10 nominees was made before the finals, which previously had a percentage close to Cambodia in this election. Vietnam and Malaysia. This is also considered to enhance the image of Cambodia on the international stage that she can and after her efforts to show her talent well since she traveled to the territory of the Kingdom. Thailand first came.

It should be noted that the above three well-known philanthropists who donated their own money to help support the election of Miss Ek from Cambodia, including some famous people and many philanthropists have contributed to the donation, which is intended to see Cambodia appears on the stage of this beauty contest. On December 05, 2021, at 12 noon, she arrived in Cambodia under the warm welcome of the fans.
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