Poetically Correct Contest / Quintessential Listening Poetry Radio Interviews

Aaron R joins the prestigious Quintessential Listening Podcast with host Michael Anthony Ingram to highlight the winners and contestants of the Summer Edition of the Poetically Correct Contest. Sadly this show didn't end properly because of so much traffic to the channel: )

Chev2Much (1st place winner)
OnlyKeysWill (2nd place)
Miss Kiane (3rd Place)
She's So Cold

0:00- 02:30- introductions
02:30- 5:18 She So Cold (@she_so_cold)
05:18- 07:55 KeysWill (@onlykeyswill__)
07:55- 11:10 Miss Kiane (@kianeink)
11:11-15:16 Chev (@chev_toomuch)
15:16-16:55 interlude
16:55- 17:32 Introduction of She's So Cold
17:32-23:34 She's So Cold
23:35-31:25 Miss Kiane
31:26-37:33 KeysWill
37:34-43:46 Chev
43:47-48:19 She's So Cold
48:19-48:35 outro

Aaron R. is an award winning poet who also produces, edits, directs his own poetry videos. Aaron R also hosts poetry contests & is owner of Poetically Correct.

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