PKA 594 W/ F1nn5ter: How to get away with Murder, Women's Rights, Kyles Bike Shorts

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0:00:00 - Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor introduces sponsors
0:00:11 - Finnster’s fan-owned custom body pillow, ASMR girls & fart-selling streamers
0:13:41 - PKA reacts to the leaked Supreme Court draft to overturn Roe vs Wade
0:18:48 - Depressed dogs, Kyle’s bullfight & using human skin as gym equipment
0:25:38 - Vitiligo, Sammy Sosa’s skin change & baseball’s biggest cheaters
0:30:11 - PKA reminisces about highschool: Cheating, crying teachers & typewriters
0:44:01 - Community colleges vs “real” Universities & making the most of College days
0:52:26 - Concealed carry crime goes wrong & the craziest internet videos of all time
1:04:22 - Finnster’s fitness progress, “American-sized” portions & candy talk
1:11:00 - Why Finnster hates where he lives in the UK & the guys compare heights
1:18:01 - Woody and Finnster compare knife collections & adult cross-stitching
1:21:48 - Finnster’s 18-inch discovery when clearing out his grandmother’s cabinets
1:24:34 - More Roe vs Wade talk: GOP capitulation, SCOTUS backpedaling & more
1:40:02 - At what stage is it no longer acceptable for women to be large after pregnancy?
1:43:14 - Lovers lanes, British cars & why Kyle doesn’t talk to kids as a grown man
1:51:24 - Pool pumps, vacuums & couches: The worst items to pleasure yourself with
1:56:32 - PKA reacts to a hilarious thread of Reddit’s best/worst love-making advice
1:59:53 - Skittles, Starburst, M&Ms & more: The ultimate PKA candy debate
2:05:21 - The guys debate the best arcade machines & drunken arcades escapades
2:09:23 - Ad reads: Lucy & Blue
2:12:28 - Lock and Load Ad read & Kyle’s idea for a new PKA supplement mascot
2:16:45 - FPSRussia vs Ukraine & how to become successful on YouTube
2:25:20 - Antoine Dodson’s confused identity & journey to becoming a black Israelites
2:27:15 - Finnster’s experience of cat-calling, Omegle trolling & fan “tributes”
2:35:10 - How significant are the differences between male vs female sports?
2:40:55 - Finnster’s hyper-masculine future, cigar scents & the best shaving tools
2:47:07 - Taylor shares his funniest fart stories from elementary school
2:52:20 - Kyle shows off his new $17 case of “Mountain water” - Does it taste good?
2:56:33 - Finnster’s close-call livestream accident that almost got him banned!
3:00:28 - How would the guys eliminate a person without getting caught?
3:07:16 - Girls who look older than their age & why Kyle doesn’t want to be an Uncle
3:14:34 - Tony Ferguson’s insane interviews & Finnster’s cringeworthy parkour fails
3:19:28 - Taylor’s most embarrassing moment of all time: Girlfriend bathroom destruction
3:22:53 - Stock markets, stopping September 11th & more: If PKA went back in time
3:26:43 - Finnster’s broken bust and his plans to enlarge his chest even further
3:34:36 - Car washes, hot tubs, solo sauna boxes & remote-controlled blankets
3:47:33 - Electrical shocks, lightning & computer mice: PKA tries to understand physics
3:51:29 - The hidden positives of hormone replacement therapy & vasectomies
3:54:23 - PKA talks watches: Rare Rolexes, Chinese knock-offs & more
4:02:08 - The guys call it a show
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