#pitopod #29 | Adam Raja : Climber, Photographer & POW Marketing Manager

Welcome to episode 29 of Paths in the Outdoors podcast, this episode we talk to Adam Raja.

Adam grew up on the outskirts of Glasgow where he found himself in a lifestyle that didn’t have the greatest of futures. He talks about this time, where it led and the changes he has made to make his way of life a more positive place.

This brought to the Highlands of Scotland, which is a far cry from the concrete surroundings he started with. This new vista has changed his perspective on his life and future.

We talk about his heritage, what makes him tick now and his acceptance of who he is. Also, being scared of his Gran keeping him on at school.

As a day job, Adam works for Protect our Winters UK as their Marketing Manager.

All this has led him to work with Berghaus, where Coldhouse Collective have made a film about his journey. It was shown at Kendal Mountain Festival and will be on general release soon.

There will be a follow up episode with Oz Miller, who participated in this episode, keep a look out for it.

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