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It has relieved the government employees from the stress and frustration of getting pay slips late. Now with the introduction of Pifra, you can get salary slips directly into your email box by registering on Pifra.

Though the entire process of signing up for registration of Pifra salary slip is quite easy and well explained but often the most repeated issue that people face is what to do if they want to change Email ID on Pifra.

Often people forget their email address, change mobile set or forget passwords etc of their existing gmail accounts. In that situation, what you need to do, is to change your existing email address that you registered on Pifra.
Changing Email ID on Pifra for salary slip is quite easy. Let’s learn it step by step.

1. Go to pifra website by typing in your browser www.pifra.gov.pk
2. You will be redirected to main website of Pifra, https://www.fabs.gov.pk
PIFRA – Official Site of Pay Slip Form and Registration for Monthly Salary Slip
You must be a government employee if you want to get registered with PIFRA. Also, you need to fill the PIFRA registration form for getting the salary slip every month. So make sure that you are working in the government sector because if you are working in the private sector you can not apply for this program.

Only government employees are entitled to this pay slip service. 

Online Pay Slip Registration Process

If you are a government employee then you can proceed to the following PIFRA registration guide.

Go to fabs.gov.pk and then go to services and then payslip section

Now fill the registration form and click on the submit button

Now enter the email address that you want to receive the payslip

And now submit the form and that’s it

Now your pay slips will be sent to your right in your Gmail account. 

What’s the Salary Slip Format of PIFRA?

In the PIFRA pay slip, there are the following details that are provided to you as a payment record. Your wage and all allowances are mentioned in the pay slip.

Below are the details and format of the salary slip.

Basic Pay

Home Rent Allowances %

Convery Allowances %

Medical Allowances

Adhoc Relief

Group Insurance

Income Tax

Gross Pay

Net Pay

So this is the format of the salary slip and you can track all of your expenses here.

Get Government Payslip Online

If you are not sure how to get a government payslip online then you can check it easily. 

Open your internet browser

Login to your Gmail email account

Now check for the PIFRA salary slip

If you are unable to find the slip then search it with “PIFRA payslip” and you will see all slips there

If still not there, then go to your spam folder and search the same term again. Sometimes it goes into the spam folder

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