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In this video, you will learn how to crack PHP Interview , how to prepare yourself for PHP Interview. These questions will help fresher to face PHP interview. Check the following PHP Interview Questions:

In this video you will learn the following HTML Interview Questions:

Q1.What is PHP?
Q2. PHP Advantages and Disadvantages?
Q3. Use of PEAR in PHP?
Q4. What is SESSION and use of SESSION in PHP?
Q5. What is an Array? Types of Arrays in PHP?
Q6. Commonly used Array functions in PHP?
Q7. Commonly used String functions in PHP?
Q8. Include functions in PHP?
Q9. Form Validation in PHP?
Q10. File Upload in PHP ?
Q11. How to Upload only pdf file with 2MB size?
Q12. Multiple File Upload in PHP?
Q13. PHPMailer in PHP?
Q14. How to send html email in PHP?
Q15. Implode() and explode() in PHP?
Q16. Difference between unset session and session destroy?
Q17. Difference between $ and $$ ?
Q18. Cookie in PHP?
Q20.Different Types of errors in PHP?
Q21. Superglobals in PHP?
Q22.Difference between echo and print?
Q23.What is php.ini file?
Q24.What is the most used method for password hashing?
Q25.Little Bit Knowledge of OOP Concepts & PDO in PHP?

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