Pharmacy Calculations for the PTCB & ExCPT Ep. 04

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The CPhT in 90 review program includes:

- Video Lectures on Medical Math including household to metric conversion, dosage calculations, flow rate and drip rate, alligation and dilution;
- Video Lectures on Pharmacology including the Top 200 Drugs, uses, and therapeutic class; over-the-counter medications;
- Video Lectures on Sterile (USP 797) and Non-Sterile (USP 795) Compounding;
- Audio Lectures on Pharmacy Law, Retail Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Technician Roles;
- Textbooks in PDF format;
- Flashcards;
- Matching Games on the Top 200 Drugs, drug classifications, pharmacy math, etc.;
- Practice Tests on pharmacy/medical math, dosage calculations, prescription reading, sig codes, pharmacy law, etc.; and
- Direct Access to Instructor/Professor

Literally, EVERYTHING YOU NEED to prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCB) and the ExCPT (NHA).

And, if you live in Las Vegas, visit the Pima Las Vegas Campus at 3333 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89121 and tell the front desk the Program Director, Ms. L, sent you.
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