Performance Coaching

I'm a big believer in employee reviews. I think they're necessary and valuable, but sometimes they can be a pain.

For example, if your team has been together for years, you probably already know what everyone's doing well and what they need to improve on. So why do we feel like we need to review them again?

The truth is that most managers dread employee reviews, too—and I can't say I blame them. When the topic of employee reviews comes up, I often hear comments like, "I wonder how big my pay increase is gonna be." The result of this is that people interact with the review process less than they should: They're just waiting to see how much more money they're gonna make for the next year.

But there are ways to change this! For example: If you want to keep performance reviews separate from salary increases (which I recommend), then have your managers prepare performance reviews in advance so that when it's time for the salary increase conversation, there's already some discussion around performance that's taken place.
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