PeopleSoft HRMS Tutorial - Learn How to Configure Health Plan / Paycheck Deductions from Scratch

0:11 - Quick Recap
0:55 - Agenda of this episode
1:20 - What are Paycheck Deductions?
1:44 - Types of Paycheck Deductions - Benefit & Non-Benefit (General Deductions)
2:43 - Overview of Steps to create Parking Fees Deduction
3:09 - Creating Parking Deduction Code
4:28 - Adding the new Deduction Code to the General Deduction Table
5:08 - Add Deduction to the Company Deduction Table
5:33 - Create General Deductions for the Company Employee
6:32 - Overview of Creating a new Benefit Program (Medical Plan)
6:53 - Adding Medical Plan Provider information in PeopleSoft HRMS System
8:27 - Creating a new Benefit Plan
9:11 - Creating Deduction Code for Medical Insurance Contributions
10:37 -Defining Calculation Rules for our Benefit Plan
11:58 -Defining Rates for our Medical Insurance Plan
13:36 -Create a new Benefit Program and associating our new Benefit Plan to it

In this episode, I will show you step by step how to configure Health Plan / Paycheck from the Scratch - Siva Koya

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