Pediatrician Disability Benefit Claim Assistance

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Cesar Gavidia discuss the occupation of a pediatrician and provide tips to win your disability benefits. Insurance companies do not understand how physically and cognitively demanding your job as pediatrician may be. Insurance companies will want to assume a pediatrician only sits in a chair and sees children with a cold or minor illness or injury. They will not consider any emergency situations.

They will also minimize the mental demands required as a pediatrician in providing accurate, precise, physical care, as well as the need to be empathetic to children. You and your physician must explain how your medical condition makes it impossible for you to continue working as a pediatrician on a daily basis and be specific about all of your physical and mental limitations, as well as your job demands.

00:00 – Pediatrician disability insurance claim information and tips for claim approval

01:59 – Production reports will be highly scrutinized to determine pre-disability duties.

03:48 – How can a pediatrician prove the secondary cognitive difficulties that prevents them from working?

08:26 – Disability companies use video surveillance and social media to deny disability benefits.

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